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Squash at VRC

Squash at VRC



The Vancouver Racquets Club offers one of the best all-round squash programs in the city. With one of the city's largest squash memberships, the club is able to offer a variety of active programs and events for both singles and doubles players. VRC also offers some of the best squash facilities in the city, with 6 hardwood floors and good quality walls providing excellent bounce. When you combine our squash facilities with our very active membership and our other complimentary facilities such as the  fitness centre, licensed lounge, kitchen, banquet areas, steamroom, sauna and pro shop, the club is set up to offer its members the best all-round squash experience in Vancouver.

Your enjoyment of squash at the Vancouver Racquets Club will only be as good as the amount of effort you're willing to put forward to participate in one of our many programs and events. With the help of other members and squash pro, Steve Lawton, we trust you'll find something to maximize your squash experience at VRC.


Steve Lawton

  • 8 Times Provincial Champion
  • 20 Years BC Provincial Team
  • Former National Team
  • 3 Times Provincial Team Champion
  • Level 3 Certified Coach
  • Current Senior Provincial Coach
  • Current Canada Games Coach
  • Canadian +30, +35, +40 Vet Champion
  • US +35 Vets Champion
  • Nike World Masters Gold Medalist +40
  • Canadian National Team
  • Player and Captain World Championships
  • Best Win World #20
  • Highest Canadian Ranking: #2


Quick-Draw Ranking System
Once the pro knows your level of play, he can put you in the computer. The Squash Pro determines your ranking and will insert you into the ranking ladder according to your level. Once you are in the ranking system you can view all players and it helps you find players at your level.  All matches to determine ranking are to be entered into the computer. Specify before a match, whether the match is a friendly, a ladder match or box match. Use the system as it will keep everyone at their appropriate level.  If scores are not recorded in a calendar month you lose points. If you have recently rejoined or if you are a new member, please contact Steve to get yourself activated or entered into Quick-Draws.

If you find your ranking is out of order please contact the squash pro to reassess your ranking. The only reason it is out is due to a lack of matches. You only need to put in one match a month for the computer to not subtract points. The rankings are pro-rated in a manner which will  reflect your level of play, even after only a couple of  games.

The Quick-Draws ranking system is included in your membership fees. Please use it.

Box Ladder
The boxes run from September to May. It's frozen during the summer. There are five players per box. It's up to the players to set their matches in the time span allotted and record scores in the computer. The scores will automatically tally your ranking. At the end of the cycle, two players move up, the middle player stays in the same box, and two move down. If you miss more than one match you will be deleted from the next cycle. If you are injured, sick, or out-of-town, sign the sheet provided. Defaults - You only mark in a default score if a match has been scheduled and your opponent does not show up or you have tried to reach your opponent to no avail. In-House Box Ladder is $20.00 +HST per year. When you join the box ladder, you will be slotted in according to your ranking. The fee offsets the cost of running the computer. Sign-up on line or through the office.

Lunch Time Box Ladder
Available for those who want some competitive squash at lunch time. Organized into box groups of six, you play each member once in each cycle which is usually four or five weeks long. Points are based on games won. At the end of each cycle, the two players with most points go up to the next box, two go down and two stay in the same box. Disputes are decided by the administrator, (Richard Bennett), who puts up new box sheets at the end of each cycle. It is up to each player to arrange the matches. Participants hold a social event near Christmas and again in the spring. Anyone wishing to play should contact the office for more info.

Vancouver Squash League
Teams from VRC are formed to play against teams from other clubs in the Lower Mainland. The Vancouver Squash League is organized into divisions by level of play. Matches are played at all clubs involved. Players who sign up for the Vancouver Squash League must be available to play every Monday or Tuesday. Players can also sign up as spares if they wish to play occasionally. The cost is $50 +HST per year and includes the In-House Box Ladder. This fee offsets our fee to Squash BC. All league players must be current Squash BC members. All players must sign up through the office. VRC team members are to "host" visiting teams approximately every other week of the league schedule and should be prepared to contribute to the nights' food and beverage costs. Attendance for the meal and drinks after matches are over is just as important to the overall success of the league as playing. Remember the league is a "social" as well as a "competitive" program.

  • Men's Divisions 1-7: Monday
  • Men's Divisions 8-9: Tuesday
  • Women's Divisions 1-7: Tuesday

For information about team schedules, standings and results.

The Club is host to two major squash tournaments each year. In September, the club hosts the EarlyBird Tournament the first sanctioned tournament of the year. And in spring, the Pacific Coast Open (PCO) is the biggest squash event of the year and is rated as a AAA event. There is also a variety of Junior and Club Tournaments through the year.

Summer Squash League
The Summer league has two sessions. It's on Wednesdays from 6:15 - 9:15pm. There are six teams of four players or 4 teams of four players depending on the number of participants.

Squash Drop-In Fun Night
The Squash Drop-In (Fun Night) is on every Friday except tournament weekends from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and runs all year. The night consists of Round Robin Squash followed by socializing in the bar, "The Last Serve." A great way to meet new friends and new members to integrate with existing members. Everyone is welcome, beginners to A-level players.  Not available during tournaments.

Junior Squash Prograam
Every Wednesday during the season, the squash pro runs a Junior Program from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Juniors receive lessons and get a chance to mix with other juniors. Junior Box League is active for all levels and will be run on Saturday afternoons. In recent years, junior teams from VRC have been organized to play at VRC as well as at other clubs in the city. For more info, contact Steve Lawton.

Doubles Squash Programs

Vancouver Doubles League
October through March. Competitive league with matches against teams from VLTBC, Evergreen and Hollyburn. All doubles players at VRC are eligible to play. Players must be members of Squash BC. For more information, contact Rip Peterman 604-879-5689.
For more info on the Vancouver Doubles League...

In House Doubles League
This popular event runs from October to April. The full time permanent players are backed up by a system of spares. It`s a fun and easy way to get doubles games on a regular basis.  Skills range from novice to expert. Watch for the sign-up list outside the doubles court. To get on the spares list at any time contact the office.

Eyeguards are mandatory for all Squash BC-sanctioned play, for juniors and doubles players.



Vancouver Racquets & Fitness Club
4867 Ontario Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5V 3H4

Telephone Number: 604-874-0242
Fax Number: 604-873-2831
Email: office@vrc.bc.ca