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Squash at VRC

Squash at VRC


Vancouver Squash League

Starts on Oct 7th and Oct 8th

Registration is now closed

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Cost:  Squash League + Squash BC Membership Fee (all fees include GST)                                     
League: $50 (adult 25 & up); $40 (adult 17-24)
(Spares pay full amount.  League fee will be reimbursed if you play less than 3 times per season)

Squash BC Membership for VRC members:
Adult 25 & up: $40.00
Adult 17-24: $21.00
Junior under 17: $15.75

You must be a member of Squash BC to play league or tournaments.  You can sign up on the same form as the In-House Box Ladder and Vancouver Squash League Form.  If you are a member of Squash BC, your membership expires October 31, 2013.

N.B.  Scoring for Open divisions is PAR 11 best of 5
         Scoring for Women divisions is PAR 15 best of 5

On some Monday or Tuesday nights we will have 5 home teams so it is important that players start on time!!!

Women's Squash League will start on Tuesday, Oct 8th
Seven women's teams will be registered in Division 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6.  All requests were granted by the Vancouver Squash League.

Men's Squash League will start on Monday Oct 7th for Div 1 - 6, and Tuesday Oct 8th for Div 7
Eleven men's teams will be registered in Division 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6 & 7 

The necessary paperwork entitled "Squash Form" is available at the office or on the tournament board located on the lower floor behind courts 5 & 6.  All teams will be divided up evenly in numbers.  I recommend 7 or 8 players per team.  Captains may have to rotate if they have an abundance of players.  All players signing up before the league deadline will be guaranteed a spot on a team.  After this date player will still be able to enter only if a team of his/her level is short of players. 

We are always short on Captains so if you wish to be considered as a Captain, please indicate on the form.
N.B.  Captains who sign up must be of the level of the Division they want to captain.  Captains cannot be "bumped" from the team, however, it is their responsibility to prepare their team, and to confirm time and venue with the opposition Club Captain.

Initial teams will be picked from VRC Quick Draws Ranking.  Challenge rules are posted on the downstairs notice board heading into the courts.

The format of selecting teams will be left to the captains.  As some teams have moved up and other teams have moved down there could be a conflict.  If a solution can't be worked out teams will be picked from the club ladder on the Quick Draws.

The new rankings will be posted on the 1st of each month.  Captains should try to rotate their players to ensure equal playing time.  The decision of the Captain is final!  The order of the team will be based on the rankings.

VRC match times will be listed on Quick Draws.  Start times are scheduled evenly between 5:30 pm and 8 pm.  Teams with Byes have a scheduled start time in case a team fills that position.  The scheduled time can otherwise be used for team practice.  Byes are given the late start time.

Teams will be posted on the downstairs notice board.  Court schedule will be posted upstairs behind court 4.  Please adhere to your assigned courts.  3 players must be ready at their scheduled start time.  Please be ready to start on time to insure that the later teams will be ready to play close to their starting times.

Men's Divisions - There are only 7 divisions this year
'A' Players  3 teams  Div 1, 1, 2
'B' Players  4 teams  Div 3, 3, 3, 4
'C' Players  2 teams  Div 5, 6, 6
'D' Players  2 teams  Div 7

Women's Divisions - There are only 6 divisions this year
'A' Players  3 teams  Div 1, 1, 2
'B' Players  2 teams  Div 3
'C' Players  2 teams  Div 4, 5
'D' Players  1 team   Div 6

Captains' Meeting (picking of teams)
Women's: Tuesday, October 1st - 7:30 pm
Men's     : Tuesday, October 1st - 7:30 pm

Teams will be picked in order of merit of the players ability for the teams available.  In the case of two or more teams in a division it will be decided by the Captains whether to have to equal teams or a strong and weak one.



Vancouver Racquets & Fitness Club
4867 Ontario Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5V 3H4

Telephone Number: 604-874-0242
Fax Number: 604-873-2831
Email: office@vrc.bc.ca