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Event: Badminton Club Championships
Event Date: May 26 - 28, 2017
Location: VRC

Entry Fee : $30
Add $5 for each additional event (Maximum 3 additional events)

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Men's Singles Open
Women's Singles Open
Men's Doubles Open  Partner:
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Mixed Doubles Open  Partner:
Men's Singles 30+
Women's Singles 30+
Men's Doubles 30+  Partner:
Women's Doubles 30+  Partner:
Mixed Doubles 30+  Partner:
Men's Singles 40+
Women's Singles 40+
Men's Doubles 40+  Partner:
Women's Doubles 40+  Partner:
Mixed Doubles 40+  Partner:
Men's Singles 50+
Women's Singles 50+
Men's Doubles 50+  Partner:
Women's Doubles 50 +  Partner:
Mixed Doubles 50+  Partner:
Men's Singles 60+
Women's Singles 60+
Men's Doubles 60+  Partner:
Wonmen's Doubles 60+  Partner:
Mixed Doubles 60+  Partner:
Men's Singles 70+
Women's Singles 70+
Men's Doubles 70+  Partner:
Women's Doubles 70+  Partner:
Mixed Doubles 70+  Partner:
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