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Badminton at VRC

Badminton at VRC

Late Night Badminton Drop-In

Every Friday & Saturday


For 16 and older only

Members: FREE

Non-Members: $6/Session

(Cash ONLY, Pay at the door)

Invite your friends!


For Updates Join the

 VRC Midnight Drop-In

 Group on Facebook




  • Doubles/Mixed Doubles only, unless there are no courts waiting, then individuals can play Singles.
  • Match played to 21 points (new rally-point system) OR match played for 20 minutes, whichever comes first.


Individuals playing the drop-in:

  • Individuals playing the drop-in will use courts 3, 4, 5, & 6.
  • Individuals playing the drop-in will use the chalkboard as a sign-up for the next available court.

 Members who are not playing drop-in:

  •  Members not playing the drop-in will use the racquet hangers and play on courts 1 & 2.


  • The chalkboard will be divided into 5x5 squares.
  •   Players should write their name or a group of names
    (no more than 4) to fill up one square.
  •  A full square has 4 names in it.
  •   The next court available will be for players’ names written in the boxes, moving consecutively from left to right and then up to down.
  •  Players must cross off their group’s names on the chalkboard once, indicating that they have taken an available court and then cross off a second time, indicating they have come off the court (creating an “X” pattern in the box).




Vancouver Racquets & Fitness Club
4867 Ontario Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5V 3H4

Telephone Number: 604-874-0242
Fax Number: 604-873-2831
Email: office@vrc.bc.ca