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News and Upcoming Events

News and Upcoming Events

Rules & Guidelines

21.01                        Children 11 & under are not permitted in the Fitness Area.


21.02                        Juniors 12 - 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

21.01                        Access to Fitness Area is restricted to the following hours:

 Full Time  6:00 am - midnight
 Daytime Only  6:00 am -  3:00 pm (Monday to Friday only)
 Early Bird  6:00 am - 10:00 am (Monday to Friday only)
 Summer  6:00 am - midnight (May 1st to August 31st only)
 Doubles Only Squash  6:00 am - midnight
 Fitness  6:00 am - midnight
 Out of Town  6:00 am - midnight


21.01                        Proper attire is required - shirt and clean athletic shoes must be worn.


21.02                        Clean indoor shoes are mandatory in the fitness area.  No street shoes are permitted in the fitness area.


21.03                        No food or drinks are permitted - only water in bottles.


21.04                        No cell phone use is permitted in the Fitness Area.

                    $50 fine may be imposed for abuse of this rule.


21.05                        No perfume or cologne.


*    The Fitness Area is not supervised.

*       All individuals are using the equipment at their own risk.

*       We strongly recommend you sign up for some training on how to use the equipment before you use it.

*       Do not drop weights.

*       Report immediately any malfunction to the office or trainer.

*       If you don't know how to use the equipment ask a trainer.

*       Members must wipe the equipment after use.



Vancouver Racquets & Fitness Club
4867 Ontario Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5V 3H4

Telephone Number: 604-874-0242
Fax Number: 604-873-2831
Email: office@vrc.bc.ca